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On this page you will find various bits and pieces of informtion about volunteers and volunteering.  This includes resources, reports and information.  

Volunteer Management Portal

This is a new resource from Volunteering England. If you work with volunteers it will help you locate a wide variety of support and development opportunities as well as training providers and consultants. Visit the website to try it out:

Volunteers need better management

The Volunteer Rights Inquiry, which was set up by Volunteering England, has published an interim report which shows that volunteers need better management and leadership from the organisations they help. The report is about the growing importance of volunteers and their interaction with paid staff. It is about augmenting and enhancing existing practices to protect the volunteer experience and ensuring it remains positive and mutually productive. The report claims that greater protection is needed for people who donate their time, after it found some volunteers were mistreated or badly managed and that they had no rights in dealing with their organisations when problems arise. You can download the report at: