Computers, IT

 Computers, IT

tt-exchange - software and tablets 

Through this programme, eligible UK-based charities are able to request donated technology products from partners such as Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco. The products include operating system software and server software, security software and hardware products such as switches, routers, wireless equipment and firewalls.

An admin fee is payable.  If you are looking at improving mobile working to staff at your charity Avoca is allocating its existing stock of tablets to eligible organisations through tt-exchange on a first come, first served basis for reduced rates starting at just over £40. Visit the website for more information.

Practical guide to IT security

The Information Commissioner's Office has published a Practical Guide to IT Security which covers topics such as physical security, anti-virus defences and employee awareness. The focus is on keeping personal data secure, so as to avoid a fine for a serious data breach, but much of it will help generally.

A Parent's Guide to Facebook

Connect Safely have launched a helpful Facebook guide for parents. It is designed to help parents understand what Facebook is and how to use it safely. With it you will be better informed and able to communicate with young Facebook users in your life. That's important because:
1. if something goes wrong, we want our children to come to us
2. as the internet becomes increasingly social and mobile, a parent's guidance and support are ever more key to young people's well-being in social media and technology. The guidebook is published in partnership with the iKeepSafe Coalition.
You can download the guidance from:


Electroville is a social firm that exists to help voluntary organisations achieve their objectives more effectively through the use of ICT. You can find information about their services and also free access to learning resources, useful web links, and a Technology Toolkit.


iT4Communities introduce charities, voluntary organisations and community groups needing help with IT-related projects to volunteer IT professionals. Since 2002 we have provided over 2,500 VCOs with help, advice and guidance thanks to our network of over 7,500 volunteers and our team of project definers. Our volunteers give £750,000 of support to UK charities every year, helping organisations to run efficiently, make good use of new technologies and free up staff time to deliver vital services to the communities across the UK. There is an £85 + VAT administration fee covering:
• 12 months registration and access to the iT4Communities volunteer network
• as many requests for IT volunteers in those 12 months as you need
project help and end-to-end expert support from the iT4Communities team
Visit the website to find out more:;jsessionid=6DB3913654E1CC3750003DC2294C4B64

Survive & Thrive - free guide on using technology

Many voluntary organisations are experiencing funding cuts, so it is important for charities and community groups to embrace technology. Making good use of technology enables your organisation to reach more people such as donors, policy makers and those who use your service more effectively at less cost and 24 hours a day. Technology also enables you to find more routes into funding so, ultimately, you can improve more lives. The role of technology in the modernisation of charities can help to improve their efficiency. This Survive & Thrive is full of useful case studies and tips on how you too can use technology to cut costs, raise more money, build communities, increase your reach and more vividly demonstrate your impact. Download your free guide now at


Lasa was established in 1984, they are dedicated to supporting organisations in their use of tech and the delivery of social welfare law advice to the disadvantaged communities they serve. 
What we do:
We do a whole heap of stuff to help everyone from frontline third sector orgs to government departments (and everyone in-between) to deliver efficient, high quality services. Find out more about our social welfare law work or how we support and promote organisations' use of tech, from the links at the top of the page. Or download a copy of our strategic aims and strategic plan 2013-2016.

Guide to using no-cost online surveys

A short guide on how to use no-cost online survey facilities, with a comparison chart of 13 of the most commonly used providers, has been put together by M and E Consulting ( From a quick browse, one suggestion by VolResource is that a data export feature can be of great help for any next steps, but generally this looks helpful. 'How to design and use fr** online surveys to collect feedback' at

BT FREE web-hosting service

Charities and not-for-profit community groups can access a free web-hosting and design service through the communications company BT. Its Community Web Kit provides free website hosting, a free address, a choice of layouts and designs and a step-by-step guide. It has a choice of 8 templates in various colour themes, an easy-to-use Page Editor as well as an HTML Editor for the technically minded. The service is part of the telecom giant's Get IT Together campaign to encourage as many people as possible to get online.

Microsoft Britain Works

Microsoft Britain Works - Helping UK Charities support people into employment. Join today and access resources to help your organisation maximise your outreach through IT skilling for employment. The Britain Works Initiative aims to help 500,000 people into employment by giving them access to vital IT skills over the next 3 years.
A major component of Britain Works is our NGO Programme which provides resources and connects UK registered charities working in the employability arena. Any registered UK charity with an employability programme is eligible to apply to the programme, where you will have, access to a variety of benefits to enable you to help more of your beneficiaries into employment through IT skilling. You can register to join the Britain Works NGO Programme free of charge. To register your interest please Email: and an application form will be emailed to you to complete your registration.