Sample Forms

You will several forms on this page.  Some are forms that Young Lives uses, others are sample forms that you can download and amend as necessary for your service to use.  The forms MUST be checked and adapted for your own group or organisation and Young Lives are not responsible for any errors or ommissions.  Generally, they are a starting point for you to use and adapt as you see fit.  We hope you find them useful.  

Yoiu will also find a range of forms on the Workforce Development page here

Sample Forms

Consent form for activities

This form is for parents/guardians/carers to sign to enable children and young people to participate in activities held at or away from your group or organisation.  All parents/guardians/carers must sign a cosent form for children and young people to participate in activities.  A sample form is available to download here.

Fax Front Sheet

Download it here.

Feedback form for representatives

If you are a representative and have attended a meeting the form is available for download here

Membership Form

Here is the membership form for Young Lives which you complete on line and return to by post.

Recording concerns about a child

Download form here

Staff Time Sheet

Here is a form your staff can use to keep track of the hours they work.  Do you use decimal time (that is, for example, 3.5 hours rather than 3 hours and 30 minutes).  This form contains a sheet that works it all out for you.  Download the form here.

Supervision Form

This is a form that manager's who superevise staff can use to keep a written record of the sessions. Download the for here.