Social Media

Social Media

Guidance on Social Media use in the Workplace

The employment relations body Acas has produced guidance on managing the use of social media in the workplace. There are fact-sheets giving practical tips on how to manage the impact of social networking on Managing performance, Recruitment, Discipline and grievances, Bullying, plus Defamation, data protection and privacy, with a guide on how to develop a social networking policy. Visit the website at:  

Report 'Social media and its impact on employers and trade unions

This guidance follows a research report 'Workplaces and social networking - the implications for Employment Relations' and a comment piece 'Social media and its impact on employers and trade unions'. The latter is reasonably short (pdf, 123KB) and may be worth a read, see news release

Social media guide for charities

CharityComms, the organisation for sector communicators, has produce a two part 'Guide to
Social Media for Charities'. Thousands of charities in the UK are aware of social media, but aren't sure what it can do for them. Even more are engaging with their audiences on social networks, but want to know how to develop and optimise their activities. CharityComms has put together a two part Guide to Social Media for Charities. Part One is aimed at those just getting started, with Part Two written for charities who are actively using social media and want practical advice on taking their comms to the next level of success. Download the guide from:

How charities can use social media for digital campaigning

Charities need to think about their digital offering in a different way to help engagement with campaigns. Social media thrives on conversations. It isn't meant for broadcast but for engagement, and that should play to the strengths of voluntary sector campaigns. However, digital campaigning is still regarded as replicating campaign messages and relationships from the physical world in the digital landscape. Basically, trying to reach out to the same people, saying the same things online. And that is where many organisations should tread carefully. Visit the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network Blog to find four ways to think about your digital offering in a different way: