Can you Plan it

Can you Plan It' is a fun, accessible resource to assist Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations, and specifically those working with children and young people, to involve service users, stakeholders and a range of staff members in the business planning process. The complete toolkit is free to download from:

Volunteering England

The Volunteering England website has useful information if you are working with volunteers, including new on-line material for employers. You can also find pages with the aim of increasing volunteering and resources to help you establish or develop a programme.

Code of Practice for Volunteers

Volunteering England and the Association of British Insurers convened a working group of the voluntary & community sector and the insurance industry. They have produced a code of practice that provides some basic guidance for individuals on staying safe and avoiding risk. Visit the website at:

Avoiding job substitution by volunteers

Volunteering England, in partnership with Locality, NAVCA and NCVO, have produced a guide to help organisations ensure volunteers are not substituting for paid staff when services are being cut. It notes a range of scenarios which could be considered job substitution and sets out steps in managing the process and consulting about the principles, policy and roles and responsibilities of volunteers. You can download 'A guide to avoiding job substitution' from the volunteering England website at:

Recognise, support, invest - Your Guide to Valuing Volunteer Management

Volunteering England has created a guide to help organisations to assess how much value they currently place on volunteer management, why this is an important issue, and what extra steps they could take to value it even more. Recognise, support, invest - Your Guide to Valuing Volunteer Management.


Other information about volunteers can be found in the YLC Archive here